Puredrop Vitamin Shower Filter - Refresh Lemon

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Best way to enjoy aroma scents during shower time💖 Unlike other shower steamer, you can use this more than two and half months with one shot! ✨Much stronger, captivating scents ... with Vitamin C equivalent to 1,500 lemons and eliminate 98% chlorine to protect your skin and hair - Refreshing Lemon aroma natural scent - Removal of residual Chlorine : The Vitamin filter removes 98% of residual chlorine in tap water and other dirty kinds so that you can use clean, refreshing water to shower your skin and hair - Moisturizing and Skincare : It lift and firm mature skin by stimulating the normal biosynthesis of collagen and to keep moisture with milk - Vitamin C : Vitamin C enhanced shower water with a Vitamin C equivalent to 1,500 lemons, keeps your skin smooth - Last 2 1/2 months to 3 months if two person showers everyday. - Ingredient : Ascorbic Acid,Color,Distilled Water,Maltodextrin,Perfume Compound