O'o Hawaii Rose Quartz Gua Sha Beauty Tool

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Why Gua Sha? The ancient Chinese practice of facial gua sha moves lymphatic fluids, releases fascia so skin can function better and breaks down adhesions and hardness in muscles, particularly in the jaw line. The overall effect is a significant boost of blood and qi to the skin and an increase in the circulatory flow of blood. Studies have shown an increase in circulation from the technique. Regular Rose Quartz Gua Sha Beauty Tool use also improves natural hydration producing glowing skin and aiding the skin’s ability to purge toxins, dirt and general buildup in the pores. Using O’o Hawaii’s gua sha tool, over time, will plump the skin, making lines less visible and skin tone brighter. Gua Sha is an incredible tool that also helps reduce sagging necklines and double chins.