Gifts From The Magi, 4 oz.

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Gifts From the Magi allows you to connect with the past in a unique and powerful way. Experience the authentic sensations of some of the most treasured materials of antiquity whose benefits are yet to be fully discovered. -Uses colloidal gold, frankincense and myrrh -Plus, 13 other ancient, essential oils -Uses true colloidal nanosilver -Safe and effective. Moisturizes the skin -100% Natural Ingredients -Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO -Alcohol, petrochemical, & propellant free -Animal cruelty-free -No synthetic fragrances -Fine-mist sprayer with non-pressurized bottle -Brushed-metal bottle to protect contents. Key Ingredients: -Colloidal Gold -Frankincense -Myrrh -Benzoin -Sandalwood -Spruce -Rose -Galbanum -Hyssop -Spikenard -Cypress -Myrtle -Labdanum -Cinnamon -Cassia -Colloidal Silver.