Double Helix Magnetic

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Celebrating life's common denominator, the twirling spirals of DNA. A symbol of our boundless ingenuity, and also a reminder of our new responsibility, as we gain access to the sacred code of all living things.

Bracelet Sizing

Small - For wrists up to 6" in diameter
* Common children’s size, & for a petite size wrist…

edium - For wrists 6" to 7" in diameter
For most Women, and some Men of medium build...

arge - For wrists 7" to 8" in diameter 
* Most common Men’s size, & also for a more voluptuous lady.

arge - For an 8"+ diameter wrist 

For millennia Chinese doctors have believed that a magnetic field, when next to the body, could markedly increase the wearer’s vital life force, known as ‘Chi’. The observed benefits were found to increase with the magnets’ proximity to acupressure points. We carefully place magnets in our bracelets near two important pressure points of the wrist. 


Care & Maintenance

Our bracelets are made to be worn at all times, in nearly all places. To keep your bracelet clean we recommend wearing it in the shower, and when necessary using a simple jeweler’s polishing cloth to restore its shine. With minimal care your bracelet should age gracefully.

Our bracelets are made of only solid metals, so there is no plating to chip or wear off. Therefore a scratch or blemish can be buffed out with a simple polishing cloth, or by rubbing a lemon juice / baking soda composite.

If dirt or patina build up, you may enhance cleaning by using a liquid jewelry cleaner on your bracelet, and finish with a jeweler’s cloth to buff your bracelet to a shine. Please note that copper patina is a natural occurring process that varies depending upon exposure to elements. 


Copper Wear Over Time:

Since copper may be absorbed through the skin, extended periods of wear may soften the metal. Customers who have worn Sergio Lub Bracelets for years have experienced this. A worn or thinned bracelet is not a fault of our craftsmanship but a testament that customers have worn the metals, and it may be time to upgrade to a new bracelet.