Dirty Hipster No. 4 350ml Natural Conditioner

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NATURAL, EASY, LONG HAIR. Have effortlessly hydrated hair that is detangled, shiny, healthy & split end free, leaving you with hair that grows as quickly as wildflowers. EARTHY, DEEP & LAIDBACK Patchouli, Mint, Cocoa & Vetiver. COLOUR SAFE | BOTANICALS | VEGAN | REFILLABLE | NO SLS OR PARABENS | NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE Formulated to be used as a pair with Dirty Hipster No.4 Shampoo. CONDITIONER | HAIR MASQUE | LEAVE-IN | SHAVING BALM Made with 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, this conditioner will hydrate your locks while also delivering key nutrients for your longest, healthiest hair. In drier conditions, skip the shampoo every second wash, and do a conditioner wash!